Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I realize the whole idea of a blog is to keep people in the loop… I struggled enough starting one and evidently have just as much trouble updating. But today reminded me of why I try.

This go around I am stationed in a community I’ve only but driven through once before. Seeing as I’m still working under the guidance of another nurse the motto of my time here has been “see as much as you can see and do as much as you can do to get the best experience while there’s some nearby to learn from.” Let me just say… I’ve been given a nickname (colorful language omitted for this post) summarizing how the number of patients and workload seem to pick up whenever I’m on call. Bring on the experience…

I, for the first time in my life, made a pot of coffee for myself. Well, to be truthful it was actually only a cups worth that I made (so the small supply would last as many days as possible).  And of course I had to verify quantities and instructions off the Internet on how to make it (yes I know it just involves a filter, coffee, some water, the “on” button and is quite straightforward). I had no intentions on making or drinking the stuff while up here, but one day in I realized I needed something to help me power through the day… peppermint tea just lacked that pick me up I needed. I scoured the cupboards of where I’m staying and stuck gold. Someone had left a bag (which I learned makes 10 cups if I’m careful) of Starbucks BOLD coffee. "Bold" obviously insinuates big energy boost. A good tablespoon or two (or three) of flavored creamer mind you, must accompany the coffee at least at this stage of my coffee drinking (also a valuable commodity some dear person left from a previous visit). 

All coffee-talk aside, it’s been a good working experience up here so far. But tonight I saw a glimpse of things “beyond” and “past” the general run-of-the-mill work at the clinic. It reminded me of the reality of things, of the warfare going on and of the spiritual forces of evil present and heavy. After an event took place, opening the door to conversation, an Aboriginal coworker shared a bit of what she had learned of the community. “This town is referred to as ground zero.” A place where trouble has brewed and “all the stuff has happened.” Almost as if to forewarn me, she stated that if I could be affected by something as little as the event that took place earlier in the day, "you ain’t seen nothing yet” and to “buckle down and pull my socks up.” The things people are involved in and have experienced, “it just doesn’t…it shouldn’t happen” she said. And for one who has seen and experienced much within the Aboriginal culture, her words are not said lightly.

I have just felt burdened over the last couple days… first to be praying for spiritual protection and also to be praying that the Light of the world may be evident in my life, my nursing, my heart and my actions. Pray that my mind may be guarded from fears and lies. Pray that I may have energy to do my job and to “be on guard” regardless of physical or emotional “tiredness.” Pray that I may have further opportunity with my coworker, to share about my God, who allows my heart to be broken for those who have been hurt and experienced pain and suffering far beyond what I will ever know. But who is also the sole reason I can stand in the face of what I see, knowing that my God is bigger than all of it… to share how Christ alone gives the strength we need to be strong and stand firm in the presence of evil, how He has conquered death and gives victory over darkness. Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.

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